DaneSaber 1.4. Tech 360 Degree Comedy & Meme Speedcore

21st Century Humor But It’s A Rave Song 2 ( THE DaneSaber Collab )

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Mapper: DaneSaber

This godly creation of a collab all started when luck asked “Why isn’t this mapped?”
To which WalkingKat answered “Give me about two hours”
Hawk then asked “Collab?” which both Luck and WalkingKat said sure to.

They began mapping, and while mapping they got the greatest idea ever

And then slowly over a couple of days WalkingKat and Lasse_05 had invited a lot of people
So in total there were 17 danes

(we later lost Rune because he sadly forgot :c)

Everyone began mapping. 2 weeks later, this creation was done.

Enjoy 16 different shit maps.

Hawk even made a trailer for the map:

And thanks to Lasse for making the cover art for it

Big thanks to everyone who participated in this collab, thanks for joining a WalkingKat shit post.

I love you all
– WalkingKat

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