Just Don’t Mind (fvrwvrd bootleg) (unnerfed)

Difficulties Expert+
1 6

Mapper: Monke

monke map with unnerfed in title
you should know what that means
you are NOT passing this LOL (unless water or jack or someone doubles in skill overnight idk anything is possible)
my hardest map EVER released, shouldnt have resets but WOW it probably does with how wacky it is
i do not foresee anyone passing this in the near future and if you do you might be the best angle player alive like ????
dm monke#6564 if resets or passed
no bounty sadly but it deserves it
will remap it as a good monke tech map later (nerfed obviously) but it may be a while (also no guarantees i may never finish it)


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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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