Delete Me – NateWantsToBattle [Re-map]

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: DirtyAlex

3 years ago today, I uploaded my very first map to BeatSaver. It was easily the worst map I have ever made. I had no idea what flow and parity was, I couldn’t time notes to save my life, I had no idea what vision blocks were and I just blatantly left resets all over the place. It was a mess. So I deceided to re-map it to celebrate 3 years of mapping!

I have not mapped anything but wubs for almost the past 3 years, so I felt very out of element returning to this song, i.e. there are little to no sliders in this map. I have also included the original version of the map in the lawless expert difficulty. DO NOT play that diff expecting a good time, it is simply there for comparison. I also got pretty lazy with the lightshow for this. Mapping a different genre was difficult enough, but lighting for one was even harder.

Even though this map is pretty different from me, I really hope you all enjoy it! (If the map ends up having a dead far offset, turn off JD fixer and use Static JD in the player options.)

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NateWantsToBattle –

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