Niamara 1.2. Dance K-Pop

SHINee – Beautiful

Difficulties Hard
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Mapper: Niamara

아름다워! (Areumdawooo!)
A Beat Saber map for “Beautiful” from SHINee, based on their choreography.

I can listen to you, girl~

PS: 🔊 “AREUMDAWOOO!” 😄 I love this song + choreo! It looks like so much fun everytime they perform it!

PS²: One of my favorite stages of this is the one, where they got caught in the rain…! 🌧️ It fit the song so well! ☔ A “moment where your spirit feels free” kind of feeling~ (Impressively, they kept performing while being soaked! 🤣)


PS³: There’s a slight timing mistake on one part in the video… it’s because I had major trouble with Oculus this time and i’m not gonna push my luck trying to re-record it right now… it’s fixed in the map itself though! 🙇

PS⁴: I was thinking about updating my maps once the new note types become available~! It’ll be a great help to make them more accurate! (And less bombs 💣 ㅋㅋㅋ)

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