Kamome Sano – HE4VEN

Difficulties Expert+
4 2

Mapper: potasium

uploading this before I go to bed

Mapped in ~90 minutes for mapping competition between some friends, did some lite polishing since
Wanted to test limits on vb’s so map has some quirky streams and stacks
If I’m being honest, might be my best map yet, I really like it 😀

This is (possibly) for rank in the near future
Star Estimate: 11.58* (lol! ) (~10*)

Downmaps soon :tm: (When I do them (or get someone to do them (same with lightshow (I don’t like mapping lights (someone will be forced do lights (maybe))))))

send any and all feedback to: potasium_#2394

Chart by Mystikmol

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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