Red Velvet – Beg For Me

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Mapper: eurnkung

My favorite from this album!

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Comments (6)
  1. Wallace says:

    Hi, I like the songs that you created, however, I have no idea why most of the songs created by you can’t be played in my computer. I’m using a steam VR platform to play beat Sabar. Kindly advise if you know why, thanks!

    1. eurnkung says:

      Hello, thanks for playing my maps <3

      If only some songs cannot be played and not all of them, try installing the mod "SongCore" via ModAssistant. Doing so will let you be able play most maps.

  2. Segasonic says:

    I don’t know where to make my requests. Girl’s Day is my favorite. Any songs. But asking for Twinkle Twinkle and Nothing Lasts Forever

  3. Akaigetsu says:

    Love this map, will you also make Good, Bad, Ugly or any other song of the album?

    1. eurnkung says:

      Hey there, I’ve mapped all of the rest from the album. Check my latest releases! 🙂

    2. eurnkung says:

      Actaully I wanna do the whole album, but I don’t have any specific ones in my mind. I’ll keep your request as one of the choices!

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