Flight Facilities – Stay (feat. Your Smith)

Difficulties Expert+
49 2
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Mapper: daftmaple

This map will be remastered one day and done as a fullspread map with Chroma lights



Comfy jammer made by an Aussie electronic duo, Flight Facilities

My 5th map (4th has been completed weeks ago but still waiting for mod + chroma light + minor tweaks). Worked on this for a very short period of time and has only expert+ (and lawless X+) just because I got addicted to this song and haven’t published recently. I wanted this to be more tech than my usual style, although still keeping it as chill map.

This one is manually lit by myself. Lawless diff contains my original work before feedback and mod.

Thank you for all the playtesters and the given feedback:

– Alice (https://beatsaver.com/profile/4234633) (with quick informal mod)
– Scarladore (https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284798)
– Tastum
– Catse

Stay tuned for more Flight Facilities maps!

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