Unreal Tournament 99 – Menu Theme

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The Unreal Tournament franchise……..
An amazing FPS shooter that many remember in their childhood.

**Unreal Tournament 1999** for many was an entry to the series.
Thanks to it’s superior graphics at the time, gameplay and level design powered by the Unreal engine of the time, it managed to claim the game of the year award of 1999.

However, another impressive feature the game had at the time and to some to this day, was it’s memorable soundtrack……..
Each time the player would launch the in-game menu he would be greated and immersed in it’s iconic menu theme, which carried forward to **Unreal Tournamnet 3** as well.
**Alexander Brandon**, the composer behind the art, made many scores for video games back at the early 20’s .

Now, with the release of this map – allow me to provide a glimpse of his work and wash those familiar with this nostalgic tune!

This map will include a total of 7 difficulties !
Standard – Full spread !
One Saber – Hard, Expert +

I am also happy to mention that this is the first officially released Chroma lightshow map ! – so be sure to have it installed and ready to go for maximum effects ! (one saber mode also has some nice Chroma surprises….)

I would like to thank @emotionalflight @Kaltern-Is-It Roux Fall and the BSMG for the helpful feedback that helped enhance the map as best as I could !

Hope you enjoy ! πŸ™‚

Many thanks to Javierattor for the Standard difficulty and Sir CaptainMeme for the One Saber difficulty previews ! πŸ™‚


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