Wirin 1.1. Balanced J-Pop

ふたこ糸 (Futako Ito) – FAKY

Difficulties Expert
20 0
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Mapper: Wirin

I made this map after the first one I ever made, but I never finished uploading it because I wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out. After some time, I decided to fix it, and this time I think it’s good enough to upload. Because it’s old, it doesn’t have complex lighting techniques or well-thought-out patterns, but I had fun playing it, so I think it’s okay.
Thank you for reading and playing my map, as always. If you have any feedback, questions, or thoughts about any of my maps, please contact me on Discord @Wirin#0900.

EDIT: Got rid of some bombs at the start and a small fix around beat 50, both for being a bad practice to limit saber movement.

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