Darelt Arts – Legends Come Together

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Mapper: Ash_Darkfire

The Theme to Furality Legends, a Online Furry Convention held within VRChat, 5th – 7th Nov 2021.
Also had the pleasure of returning with another DJ performance during the first day.
Last of my maps im uploading pre 1.20 update. Got a few more almost ready to upload but waiting for the community editors to catch up and play around with the slinky and arc notes.

Resigned myself to being the unofficial beat saber mapper of the Furality themes at this point. x3
Also with this map, marking the start of my general rebrand from Mad_Guns22 to Ash_Darkfire. I usually run both names but feels better to be more know by my sona alias vs my gamertag.

With the next one, Aqua (Oceans of Luma), just around the corner, Furality is quickly becoming a big part of my social and VR circles.
Having met so many old friends and new ones too in one way or another through the convention. If you attended, hopefully this will remind you of some of your own good times memories over the weekend or, if not yourself, perhaps the stories of others who did.

Have fun and see you all under the sea!

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