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Witchcraft – Pendulum

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The Good Kind of Drumming Simulator

Reviewed On Expert

The level starts off slowly and builds up the ambiance extremely well. In fact, there's no notes in the first verse of the song at all, yet I don't feel bored at all, because the timing of the walls matches the tone of the song so well. I also love how the lighting changes color when you hear thunder in the track. Great little detail to improve level quality.

Then during the first pre-chorus is when blocks come flowing in. Just a few at first, but it quickly ramps up along with the satisfying entrance of the drums to the song. I particularly enjoy the bit where you play the same pattern with both sabers, but on different beats.

The rest of the song remains extremely satisfying, match up with the beat perfectly. The patterns are also varied enough to keep me engaged throughout, and remains engaging throughout many play-throughs.

There is a small readability issue during the chorus: a red arrow-less note is at eye level and blocks the next line of red blocks on the left. However, with quick reactions (or practice) this is a non-issue.

Another peeve I have with the arrow-less block during the chorus is that there's a mine right next to it. It may be a personal preference, but to me, the point of an arrow-less block is to encourage freedom in how you cut it. The mine just takes the point of an arrow-less block away. Or perhaps this just means the mine is well placed instead? I'm still undecided on that bit, but I can't deny that this makes the map just that much more engaging. Good or not, this map experiments with new ideas and should be rewarded for it.

Mapper: Freeek

Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert – Very satisfying to hit. Expert FC Playthrough:

– Freeek =)

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