fidget spin eternally

Difficulties Expert+
3 11

Mapper: beruh

ok so here is a little story: i use the oculus pc version of beat saber and it kept on crashing so i uninstalled it and now it is refusing to install so i switched to steam and its fine. anyways here is the map also i want to give credit to itsmagma for the original “remix”, another thing my discord is beruh#3281 if you want to help me with my problem, or rant about this map 🙂 and i mapped this with chroma and idk how to make image a square and what topcat made to make it square was not loading so this is what i used (i used this my sus song) anyways, here you go. Enjoy!
the amount of spin eternally maps on beatsaver is outrageous lol
i had to reupload because i forgor to put the mapper here is the correct version

why did i do this

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