Next Adventure – Drayx (NE)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
9 6

Mapper: kaylerr

A NoodleExtensions map requested by BarbNoodle.

Q: “oi, why are there tons of dotted notes on the track instead of spread about the world after the other notes spreading around the world?”
A: It’s a stupid Noodle Extensions bug and I’m sorry. They don’t count as real notes, so don’t be scared. Hit them with your left saber and you might get extra points?

Q: Lag.
A: Skill Issue.

Q: No lighting?
A: Install chroma, dumb

Q: No effects?
A: Install aeroluna’s heck or StackDoubleFlow’s NE Package (with CustomJSONData and Tracks), dumb


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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