Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

Difficulties Expert+
15 1
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Mapper: vorchaeus

First off: this was based heavily on Sicsen’s awesome map, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already! Lights and colors have been completely revamped to provide more emphasis on the song’s signature drumline, as well as the heartbeat motif. Timing has been adjusted to precisely fit the beat. Numerous sections have also been remapped for better flow/better visuals/more impactful play. This does make the map a bit easier, but hopefully the light show makes up for it. Fair warning, it’s intended to be a bit of an intense experience. A lot of loud noises and flashing lights. I figured anything less wouldn’t do this amazing song justice. The block pop-up effect will mitigate the intensity somewhat, but be aware that if you play this zen mode it might be a bit much. Obviously, DO NOT play this if you have epilepsy.

PS – sorry for all the updates guys. Just trying to perfect this labor of love xD
PPS – currently in 1.20 environmental effects are bugged so the rings don’t do the “heartbeat” effect they should. Hopefully they fix this soon because man I put a lot of work into that.

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