Mapper: SuperMemer417

I love this map with all my heart, no questions ask one of my most fun mapping experiences ever. This is my first ever tech map! I found the song through checkthepan’s wall map of this song, I noticed how well a tech map of it would work, so I took the liberty of making it myself. I hope you enjoy!

Reup #1 for some simple fixes
Reup #2 for some more small fixes, and some colored lighting I guess
Reup#3 for some cooler chroma lighting cause I said so, removal of many vision bloqs, minor changes, and a entire section change,
Reup #4 for an entire remap

Thank you to Goji_Crafter, megamaz, Raz0rBeam and RetrX for playtesting!

Star estimate: 7.2*

I’m not getting rid of that backhand. You know what I’m talking about.

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