When I’m There – S3RL feat. Nikolett

Difficulties Expert
38 57

Mapper: Freebird

Oh boy, this one was a pain in the ass to map. It’s, by all means, an expert+ song, but because putting it on the expert+ difficulty fails you faster, I wanted to give you all an easier time with it by labeling it as just expert. I’m very proud of how it turned out, despite many moments of bashing my head against a wall from frustration, I can guarantee you it is 100% able to be full combo’d. This is by far the most time I’ve spent on a song, it’s definitely my most technical release.

It’s by far the hardest song I’ve released thus far, but I map according to feeling, please don’t hate me for it, it’s got a new trick in it that I personally have never seen before, but it does have flow, and it gives you time to think about it. You’ll know it when you get there.

I would highly advise playing through this on no-fail initially unless you’re a master of the game.

I fully expect this to get downvoted because of the difficulty, but I won’t ever release a song unless it’s beatable, full-comboable, and feels right.

That being said, I really hope you enjoy this one, it’s definitely a workout, I encourage your feedback on my BeastSaber profile and my Reddit post. You guys all help me to improve and I appreciate every single one of your critiques.

Have fun!

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