Give me all your love (TWEWY Final Mix OST)

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Mapper: AkumetsuTime

“When you’re in the mood for a concert…”

A map to Give me all your love from The World Ends With You, in particular the TWEWY Final Remix version of the song. This song is Neku and Josh-*cough* SHIKI’s theme. You can tell it’s Neku and Shiki’s theme because it plays during the final boss of Shiki’s week, and it is completely unrelated that it plays during battles throughout the ENTIRETY of Joshua’s week.

“Haunting vocals ring out, entreating the day not to pass from the final moments of vibrant orange sunset into the dull gloom of night.” – the tips section of the CD for this song in-game. Apparently I’ve been missing out by not including these the whole time.

Anyways, if anyone really wants me to upload non-final remix of most of these TWEWY songs, lmk cuz it would take all of five second’s effort to swap them out for most of these. And as ever, if there’s any TWEWY or Neo TWEWY songs you really want maps to, reach out to me and I’ll move them up my priority list slightly.

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