SteffenT 1.1. Balanced Dubstep

GUTTER – Nostalgia

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: SteffenT

Another Chroma map by me. I started making this while waiting for my previous map to get tested. I really liked this song and I thought it would be relatively easy to map, considering it was only two and a half minutes long.
It was actually quite difficult setting it up. There was almost no information about the song. The bpm was 112.014 (??), and it went up to 160.018 (???). There was no source for the song other than youtube, and there was no cover art that I could find either. So I ended up just taking the thumbnail from ADM Dubstep’s video.
Thankfully the mapping went a little smoother.

Video preview:

Also if you have any feedback, feel free to message me on discord: Stoffen#2339

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