CMP1111 Folk & Acoustic Indie

Elijah Cole – If You Never Left Me

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: CMP1111

This level has balanced difficulties, with custom colors and lights to go with it. It took me roughly 35 minutes to complete mapping (my fastest time as of posting) There are also no parity issues for once (finally), thanks to this site called Beat Saber Map Inspector

The story behind this level was that I was watching a Minecraft youtube called Bubbo. In some of his manhunt videos, he mentioned that he made an album that was currently available on a variety of platforms. So I listened to it, and after hearing the songs, I gained inspiration to turn this one into a level. Yep, that’s literally it. I do hope you enjoy playing this level though.

Link to the album:–gsITGE8m_G1wDw8

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