[QUEUE] im_naku – Stagestruck (nolanLMOA’s “Shooters in Detroit” Bootleg)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
40 2
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Mapper: SuperMemer417

Ok wow this is actually pretty cool. This is the first map (I think) of NolanLMOA’s latest remix! It’s really boppin’ and I’m actually super proud of it. It’s a full spread, and it’s got all your lovely difficulty desires.

Reup #1 for full spread
Reup #2 has cool downmap mod by Goji_Crafter and major changes added to Expert+
Reup #3 (I pray that this is the final version before rank) has all the quality of life changes, including the slider bit being changed and the outro
Reup #4 kill me
Reup #5 no way Shrado mod holy hell this is gonna get ranked finally
Reup #6 most likely the final version of this. Thank you everyone who’s given me feedback
Reup #7 Joshabi QAT mod for downmaps AND a Yabje mod??? This is amazing!

Star Estimate: 10.25*


All complains can be sent to SuperMemer417#3522

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