Double Cheeseburger At McDon

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Ov Sacrament and Sincest Lyrics
[Intro: Dickie Allen]
Footsteps seep through the dead air as he creeps closer to the chair
Rocking back and forth
A succubus and his heir
“Six years since your birth, time to seal your destiny on this Earth”

[Chorus 1: Storm Strope]
The ceremonial ritual of Our Father
The mother fucked and consumed at the altar
The thirteenth son
The demon spawn
Devoured and defiled
Flayed and torn

[Chorus 2: Dickie Allen]
Statues of iron stare as he thrusts
Rectum exposed as the tormented souls watch
Mammoth-like tusk
Throbbing deep
Mangling his mother with serrated teeth
His legacy fulfilled, like father like son
For the child, born dead, a new life has begun

[Pre-Chorus: Dickie Allen]
But this is the spark that triggered his end
The child, now man, declares his intent

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