Better Got Soul – Blues Davenport

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: snowman6251

Super fun song by my buddy Blues Davenport. You can check out his bandcamp page here.

There is a full difficulty spread so everyone can enjoy the music at their preferred difficulty. I strong recommend turning off flicker prevention so you can enjoy the lights. I spent a ton of time on them.

Here’s a preview of the song at Expert+:

This was a massive project for me going across a ton of iterations and I got a lot of help from the community at large, so I would like to thank the following people.
Test players: Kansas, CocoaGalaxy, OneSpookyBoi, TetsuBeats,
Didn’t test play but gave super useful feedback: Skyler, Namaki Mono, Jafdy,
Tech Support: Moizac

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