Dandelion Girls, Dandelion Boys – Mili

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Mapper: shadowlord723

Genre: Neoclassical Dark Wave, Progressive Pop
Song: Dandelion Girls, Dandelion Boys
Composer: Mili
Length: 2:53
BPM: 166

Image Source: DEEMO II

Song Source:

Long time no see. It’s been 3 years and so many stuff relating to mapping has changed. Back in my day, mappers didn’t have to worry about “parities” and whatnot…

Here’s a small Q&A for those of you who wanted one.

Q: **Where have you been? Why did you suddenly disappear?**

A: *Have you ever heard of that one popular saying? Allow me to use that here.*

*”Life is like eating a stolen box of expired chocolates on a 45 mph roller coaster which consists of more steep drops than climbs and then proceeding to get trapped on said roller coaster which broke down upside down on the loopty loop for 2 hours while resisting the urge to vomit the whole box of expired chocolates you consumed before you got into this mess during which you contemplate every single poor life choice you’ve ever made. That’s life. It’s a neverending nightmare you wish you could wake up from.” *
*-Forest Grumpy*

*I’m lost. I’m cold. Please help. Don’t help. Thank you. You’re welcome. 28-25-9 / 81-35-6.16*

Q: **What made you return after all this time?**

A: *One morning, I woke up and chose SUFFERING.*

Q: **It’s been 3 years. Do you finally have VR to play your maps?**

A: *Well no, but actually, NO. In case you don’t know, that means no no no, I no have VR to play my no good maps, no?*

Q: **Will you continue to make more maps?**

A: *pt=>15+76+14+5+(3-53)+39*


*Special thanks to the following people who were involved with playtesting this map!*

[Version 2/22/2022]

-Discord User: Blyg999#8024
-YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ew1iPmmbwJ74kKSlNLfkQ

-Discord User: snowman6251#5334


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