(600 BPM) ᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊᐁᐅᐃᐊ Vibro Ver. (Vibro)

Difficulties Expert+
6 2

Mapper: Zexta

because the original map of this did so well with only like 0 or 1 downvotes and about 9 upvotes i thought i would make a version for the challenge community to enjoy as well.

Name in-game is 730 because the shapes dont work and the file was named 730 and a ton of dtth songs are random numbers (under 1k) so i think 730 is the original name. Should be fine to use but if its not its whatever.

Original Ver (rankable) : https://beatsaver.com/maps/1e3e0

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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