[SDVX Collab] NOMA – Brain Power (Updated)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
998 519

Mapper: Hexagonial

EXPERT – Updated | EXPERT+ – Untouched old version | Special thanks to Zeekin for pointing out some issues with the original. Lights are by Loloppe.
EX+ was featured in a segment of the SDVX Collab. You can get the full SDVX Collab chart here: https://bsaber.com/dlsongs/SDVXMadness.zip

Listen. I’m starting to get tired of people complaining about my maps AFTER they get ranked. Can we not fucking point out issues before it’s ranked? Or are you guys only fucking obligated to play a map if it’s ranked, seeing all the issues only then? This happened with Daisuki, Evolution too. How about you guys play maps you fuckin’ like instead of playing maps solely for PP? Thanks.

discord: discord.gg/EVU9At2

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