[Remastered] Boom Kitty – Mantis Shrimp Showdown

Difficulties Expert+
18 6

Mapper: Phøenix

On February 27th, 2021, I released my first still standing map. As a mini celebration of hitting 1 year as a mapper, I thought I’d go back to some of my older maps (Both rotting WIP’s that I thought were lost to time, to maps that are still released today) And give them a fresh coat of paint. All of the old diffs are slotted in the lawless category, whereas the new remastered ones are in the standard category, so you can easily compare yourself how much i’ve grown over the span of a year. Cheers to 1 year, & hope you enjoy! 😉

Check out the other maps I remastered for this occasion!
Millennia: https://beatsaver.com/maps/21e67
The Edge: https://beatsaver.com/maps/224ea
Fall: https://beatsaver.com/maps/21671
Crawl Outta Love: https://beatsaver.com/maps/1b6b5

Difficulties: Expert+, Original Expert+
Length: 5:21
BPM: 128
NPS: Expert+ = 6.2
NPS: Original = 4.6

Big thanks to @Greensweatervevo for playtesting the map and also pitching and tweaking the mapping to be more fun!

If you have any feedback about this map (Positive / Negative) then feel free to reach out to me on discord! Phøenix#5713

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