Mapper: Avexus

three diffs, bit of an ambitious project for me but i believe it’s complete.

Ex+ Difficulty Estimate: ★ 8.35
many schliders and pretty wide at times, some jumps and horizontals as well.
Ex+ Preview:

Ex Difficulty Estimate: ★ 6.25
nerfed ex+, less wide, bit slower, less curved sliders making it more accable
Ex Preview:

Hard Difficulty Estimate: ★ 3.5
very basic map, very accable
Hard Preview:

bpm starts as 150, goes down to 128 in the buildup to second drop, and goes back to 150 for the third, descends to 100 by the end.

cover art by me 😀
send feedback in #mapping-discussion in bsmg preferably pls or dm Avexus#5898
thanks to testplayers: recursive (literally played it after every little change i made lmao), Jerk, Silver and tetsuo77

check out Zoftle here, he’s a 16 y/o producer who plays beatsaber and wanted me to map his music!

warning: old map, might be kinda bad

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