Hibikase – Giga-P + REOL / Miku

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Kolezan

Hibikase was my first favorite song by Giga-P and REOL but sadly it was also my first map I made for Beat Saber. I’ve learned a lot since then and I wasn’t happy with my first version of this map, so here’s a new and much improved version of this map! I’ve kept some of the ideas and patterns that worked well and completely remade some parts that previously weren’t up to par. Also changed the song title to the correct one. Not only is it remapped, there’s also included a new Expert+ difficulty by squeaksies and two additional audio versions! Look below for more info on these.


BPM: 140
Duration: 4:15
Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Expert+ difficulties.

Easy: 359, 5 obstacles, 0 mines
Normal: 506 notes, 9 obstacles, 0 mines
Hard: 703 notes, 9 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert: 1002 notes, 9 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert+: 1233 notes, 14 obstacles, 15 mines

Map also includes:
* Vocals by Hatsune Miku! If you prefer Miku over REOL then do the following: Search for Hibikase_V2.ogg in your Beat Saber_dataCustomLevels folder, rename that file to Hibikase_V2_REOL.ogg and then rename Hibikase_V2_Miku.ogg to Hibikase_V2.ogg.
* Instrumental/Karaoke Track! To change version do as above but with Hibikase_V2_Instru.ogg instead.
* Romaji lyrics! With BeatSinger you can sing along, or with the instrumental track, you can even sing karaoke while playing the map! It is strongly recommended that you change the following parameters in the Beat Saber/UserData/modprefs.ini file under [BeatSinger]:

Thanks to Redmagi, AaltopahWi and ManDynasty for playtesting!


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