Invidia Snow Dance

Freaks – Timmy Trumpet Savage

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
7103 518
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This Track Will Get You Pumped Up!

A sleeper track? I think not. This thing will get your ripped and ready to go every single time you play it! The energy it asks for with note placement fits so well to the song, I dance around the whole time I'm playing. This makes me wish that InvidiaSnow would do more maps like this because it is so fantastic

Some of the patterns are difficult to hit, like the double sets of 3's. And there's a couple hidden notes that occur because of this. But that is only a slight issue for such a fantastic beat map. There's also fun lighting created for specific sections, and you'll know it when you see it. Offers a good spot for a breather before you get right back into the action. I've enjoyed this one many times over and hope you will as well. :D

Mapper: Invidia Snow

All inclusive party boat, headed to a harbor near you!
If you enjoy this half as much as I did making it you’re gonna have a blast!
Made with love and passion. Focus was on fun, but it’s a decent challenge as well πŸ™‚
– Expert/Hard/Normal
– Full lighting events
– Peer reviewed

I strive to be a good mapper, don’t hesitate to give me feedback

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