[Dark Electro Swing] Bad Manners – Riff Kitten

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
500 16
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Mapper: raaknys

{wall art map} NoodleExtensions and Chroma are required!

Map preview:

Thanks to Javierattor, Nixie.Korten, nitronik.exe and Swifter for testing the map and the valuable feedback. This map wouldn’t be the same without your help!

Tools I used for this map:
– MMAv2 for the basic mapping
– Blender 3.0 for the custom wall art
– A bunch of custom Blender scripts to export the objects from Blender into ScuffedWalls format
– ScuffedWalls to convert it into a map readable by Beat Saber

Questions, feedback or anything else? Message me on Discord: raaknys#0036

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