Dive to the Heart – 𒆮𒅑ᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃ❒❑ᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃᛃ𒅑𒇸 +++ (Short Ver.)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
20 3
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Mapper: potasium

288 bpm rankable dive to the heart song 😮

shoutouts to shrado for the song and reminding me that dive to the heart makes some bangers 🙂
this is obviously for rank, ex+ is somewhat overmapped but really fun, ex is cool normal diff and also really fun, hard is somewhat undermapped and mostly just there for diff spread requirements 🙁
ill probably make an actual light show and stuff for this later but for now its fine

if you have feedback send it to me on discord: potasium_#2394
anyways, enjoy map and have fun 😀

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