Wild Culture vs. Karmin – Sugar (Lost Kings Remix) [Chroma]

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Mapper: daftmaple


This is my third map and my first Chroma work, and I have to admit that this is my finest work so far (but there is still plenty of room for improvements on both mapping and lights). This map has been finished a while ago, but I wanted to learn Chroma for one of my future projects and I had to downmap it to make it enjoyable for everyone (learned it from my second map which was too hard).

Fullspread with bonus lawless difficulties (my original work). Standard expert+ is slightly tech (but still playable for rookie) and easiest diff has intended parity issues just like true acc map. All diffs are danceable if you try hard enough!

Special thanks to Alice (https://beatsaver.com/profile/4234633) for providing feedback which helped me a lot to make this map polished so that I can become a better mapper. This map wouldn’t be up to the standard if it wasn’t for her help.

Also thanks to Catsethecat, Gracenote, Calvinisacat, Funkbuster, Xeph_yr, Hitmewmusic, and FuyukiSakura for playtesting this map (especially Catse who has gone through every single revision).

Feel free to send me feedback on:

https://twitch.tv/daftmaple, or

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  1. unaflores21 says:

    All cool, easy and dynamic!

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