Natsu no Mirage (夏のミラージュ) / Kanako Wada (和田加奈子)

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The anime “Kimagure Orange Road” retains the atmosphere of the original cartoon by Matsumoto Izumi, but with the character design of Akemi Takada and voice actors such as Kyosuke Kasuga (Toru Furuya), Madoka Ayukawa (Hiromi Tsuru), and Hikaru Hiyama (Eriko Hara). It was an anime that was extremely popular at the time due to the reliable performance of the team.
Articles were published in anime magazines on a monthly basis, with covers, posters, and lots of merchandise sold.
Madoka Ayukawa, the heroine, was particularly popular, and many figures and goods were sold even after the end of the anime.
I think it was one of the most representative animes of the Showa era.
This time, we created the first ending theme song “Summer Mirage” from the anime “Kimagure Orange Road”.
Kanako Wada’s singing voice overlaps with Madoka Ayukawa, who has a mature atmosphere, and I think it’s a perfect song for the image of anime.
It’s the first map I made, so I think there are still some areas where I’m still lacking in power, but I hope you enjoy it.
In addition to this song, there are many wonderful songs from the anime “Kimagure Orange Road”, so I hope I can have the opportunity to introduce other songs someday.
I would be very grateful if you could give us your impressions of the song, your impressions of playing, points for improvement, and advice.
Nice to meet you ♪
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