Moments – MitiS Feat. Adara

Difficulties Expert+
212 5
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Mapper: Remie

Fifty-Ninth Upload!

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[Best Experienced with No Text and HUD]

Special collab with the talented lighter, Travelling_Gamer90! One of MitiS’s most beautiful song that I had originally mapped collabing with Crankor, but wanted to remap it again with the knowledge of better mapping and make it feel even more special! This time with better NJS and offset to be comfy and as well provided with beautiful lights that will hopefully make you feel nostalgia, I hope this map is able to convey those feelings.

Big big special thanks for Travelling_Gamer90 for agreeing to help with the lightings! Honestly I feel this truly gave me the sense of nostalgia and to fit the title of the song along with it. I truly do appreciate the help. Thank you.

Feedback is always welcome!

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