Freeek Pop

Beat it – Michael Jackson

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
18470 1160
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Mapper: Freeek

Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert – Obstacles and mines purely for dance moves! 100% Expert Playthrough:

– Freeek =)

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Comments (3)
  1. pedo1 says:

    where is guitar solo?

  2. ThisIsFlorianK says:


    There’s a problem with this song. SideQuest can’t load it.
    I looked into the problem and it seems it’s a simple fix: The ‘info.dat’ file points ‘_songFilename’ to ‘Beat it.egg’ when in fact the song file is ‘Beat it.ogg’. The only change being the extension: ‘egg’ instead of ‘ogg’.

    Could you please update a version with the Fix ? 🙂

    Thanks for you work! 😀

  3. Jim says:

    why is it only half the song???

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