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This map was created as a part of One Month Wonders #2 event in which teams are assigned the task to create a modchart with a full Chroma lightshow, environment enhancement and noodle extensions all to a chiptune themed track! We hope you enjoy this map that we put a lot of time and effort into making! Below you will find each team member with what they contributed to the map.

Winner of the OMW 2 mapping event!

Please send any and all feedback to me over on discord: Sage_the_Husky#9040


Sage_the_Husky – Mapping and lighting
Twitter: @Sage_the_Husky

Saeraphinx – Noodle and Chroma
Twitter: @Saeraphinx

Spino – Modeler and Machamp creator
Twitter: @DATSPINO

This map was created by a team participating in the “One Month Wonders #2 Neon” event, hosted by BSM Discord server.
More info at:

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