SteffenT 1.5. Speed Hardcore

OMORI – You Were Wrong. Go Back. (Akosmo Remix)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
56 4
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Mapper: SteffenT

Ok so it’s finally out. Took a while longer than expected because I basically overhauled the entire thing. This is definitely my best map yet considering I spent over 20 hours on it (not counting playtesting).

Aight so what can you expect? Well I made three difficulties. Two of them are expert+. An old version that I put under the “lawless” tab, and a new one. I also made an expert difficulty which I based off of the old expert+.
There isn’t much tech in this map, so I’m guessing expert would be about 4*, expert+ would be 8* and old expert+ would be 7*.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Next time I’m probably going to map a shorter song.

Video preview:

Also if you have any feedback, feel free to message me on discord: Stoffen#2339

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