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Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

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Reviewed Expert:

Shut up... and download this track now. Bennydabeast, a competitive dancer himself, has made a name for himself with being able to make some of the most danceable Beat Saber tracks available and this one is no exception!

Shut up and Dance doesn’t have as many “guided” dance moves as some of his other maps, but has fantastic flow and patterns that give you the ability to just dance to Walk off the Moon’s biggest hit.

I admit to being a bit partial to this song. It was the song that my now wife and I listened to in the car right before walking through a candlelight path to a bridge where I proposed to her. To the best of my abilities, I still think I reviewed this fairly.

Benny has done a fantastic job with the spot on rhythm, fantastic flow, good patterns, decent lighting, good readability and decent level design.

Even on Expert mode, the song is a bit easy, so don’t expect a huge challenge, just have fun with it! Parts of the lighting are really fantastic and other parts are average. There are a couple spots where I’d like to have seen more dramatic lighting changes.

Overall, Shut up and dance is just pure fun waiting to happen and a track you don’t want to miss!

Mapper: bennydabeast

Difficulties: Expert+ (Added 11/15), Expert, Hard, Normal
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Comments (2)
  1. scarofsin78 says:

    shut up and download this its simply fun to play

  2. cazper says:

    This is daBest! (sorry, too easy). I have almost 1400 song maps on my Quest. This is my favorite. If this isn’t perfection, perfection isn’t possible.

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