Someone Else’s Hat – David Maxim Micic (modchart)

Difficulties Expert
1809 12
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Mapper: nyri0

David Maxim Micic is a prog rock genius. I wish I had the courage to map the 8 minutes of Mbinguni Amina but a few minutes of Someone Else’s Hat will have to do. I really encourage you to check his stuff, because it’s so good:

This modchart was an opportunity for me to have fun with environment animations, and push animations to a new level. The first scene is based on the album cover that Yelka made for Who Bit the Moon, and the rest is random ideas that I thought would be cool with this music.

Huge thanks to the playtesters and in particular Mawntee and Aggrogahu, who took time to give detailed feedback. I appreciate.


The map should work on Quest too, though it won’t look as good due to the difference in how walls look.

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Comments (2)
  1. sqllx says:

    i can’t download, i need anything to do that?

    1. nyri0 says:

      Can you download other maps? You should be able to download this map like any other, but you’ll need the mods Chroma and Noodle Extensions to play it.

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