All That I Need – S3RL feat. Kayliana & MC Riddle

Difficulties Expert
110 83

Mapper: Freebird

My 2nd S3RL map, this one was created after significant public feedback from my last three songs and it was hell to playtest it over and over again fixing the odd bits. It is a S3RL song, so expect a good amount of difficulty on it, hints on what is to come is given right off the bat so nothing should catch you off-guard later on in the song besides a significant increase in the pace of the swings.

Anyways, I hope you guys love this one as much as I had fun creating and playtesting it! I’ll be creating a Reddit post after this for feedback, your feedback is also welcome on my account on, I appreciate every one of your opinions and it helps me to improve! Have fun! 😀

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