[Modchart] Sarah Cothran – As The World Caves In

Difficulties Expert+
5779 66
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Mapper: mawntee

This started out as just a simple environment animation test, and then quickly snowballed out into one of my favourite maps I’ve made so far!

Also big ups to Fatalution for doing the lighting on this!
This is our first collab together, and the first time I’ve collaborated on a map with someone who shared the same ideas/thought process as myself.
This definitely won’t be our last collab 🙂

Check out their profile and lightshow preview here:

This map may cause mild motion sickness!
If you feel sick at any point, remember that you can pause and it will stop everything!

(If you have frequent issues with motion sickness in VR, I recommend having a fan on, or keeping smaller carpet with a different texture in your playspace)

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Comments (4)
  1. thisnameissoclever says:

    This map genuinely made me FEEL THINGS.
    It’s the feeling of the end of everything. Like falling down a deep well with the rest of humanity.
    Death, alone, feels empty and sad. I don’t want to die.
    But the idea of the death of humanity — it feels like a relief. Like it’s okay for me to die too, because there will be no more work to do if we all go down together.
    Playing this map feels like going down together.
    It should be sad or disturbing, I think, but… It just feels like a relief. Like a bittersweet melancholy relief.
    This song and map genuinely made my cry. It is going on my Spotify “SADZ” playlist.
    ….And my “apocalypse” playlist, along with “The Kids are all Dying” and “We’ll Meet Again”.

  2. saluable says:

    10/10 best map i have ever played in the 12 hours spent on beat saber

  3. omega says:

    not working in current version for whatever reason

  4. omega says:

    not working in current version for whatever reason

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