ForsenCDPogU 1.2. Dance 1.4. Tech Anime Funk & Disco

Android 52 – The New Shrimp Groove

Difficulties Expert+
15 2
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Mapper: ForsenCDPogU

(This map uses loli-lighter.) So, I want to clarify that this map is more tech sided, it is very similar in terms of mapping when in comparison to my other map, Moestep. I wanted to give another go at future funk with that style of mapping, as my Moestep map was really well received, at least for the most part. There are moments where you COULD hand-clap, so please be careful and use wrist when necessary so as not to break your arms. ALSO, I made the offset as close as possible, this is because in my tests with some friends, we all found that anything farther than this was mildly uncomfortable, this is at the sacrifice of reading ability, but that’s something you can fix just by playing the map a few times, or making it farther yourself. Anyways, I did extensive testing on it myself as well, and found it to play quite nicely so long as you’re using enough arm movement. I hope I can break the ever expanding library of “normal” maps with something more experimental and fun.

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