lespookyboi 1.1. Balanced Metal Rock

[CHROMA] Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare

Difficulties Expert Expert+
216 9
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Mapper: lespookyboi

*Note* This map utilizes Chroma effects and note coloring. For the best experience, please make sure to have Chroma installed and do not override the environment.

This map features 2 difficulties, Expert and Expert+. Expert is essentially a downmapped version of Expert+. Both charts are similar but Expert uses much easier streams and simpler patterns while still maintaining most of the structure found in Expert+. In short, if you struggle with Expert+, the patterns in Expert should be good practice.

Note Coloring: This map changes the color of the notes at some points in the song. If this is too challenging or uncomfortable for you, you can turn off the note coloring setting in the chroma mod tab.

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