Dance Drum and Bass

Hinkik – Realms

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Utter brilliance; a map to make you move, a song to make you feel immersed in the game.

The Expert+ may initially scare you because of the incredible bomb count, but just wait until you see what they’re doing in-game.  Bombs are placed all over the map to make you move to the music; you must dodge and weave through the bombs while hitting notes aligned to the main synth of the song.  The way bombs are placed prior to the notes encourage you to swing wide, yet carefully.  As the song progresses, the mapper makes sure to hit you with more difficult bomb patterns, making the song feels like it progresses in difficulty as it goes on.  Even if you’re good enough to survive the bomb mazes of the song, DankruptMemer hits you with some complex streams right at the end.  Although they are complex streams, they do not require the player to make excessive arm movements like in jump streams, meaning they are more a measure of your dexterity than your willingness to strain your muscles.  This map is great show of skill from DankruptMemer.  My only complaints are that some of the bomb placements don’t make sense, but they hardly detract from the overall map.  There’s also two double down notes during the complex stream section.  Standard Expert is a very different map, using mostly walls instead of bombs to make you move.  In some ways the map is easier (streams are simpler) but in other ways it is harder (visibility).  Overall Expert+ is my preferred map.

Mapper: ashad

A collab between me and DankruptMemer, notes done by DankruptMemer and lighting done by me!

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