NegatiVe Electronic

Rockefeller Street – Nightcore (v2.2)

Difficulties Expert
1995 2686

Who doesn't like some Nightcore?

Well that's a stupid question, lots of people don't! What was I thinking...

It's pretty hard finding Nightcore songs that are well mapped, not sure why. So when I find one that's not to be forgotten straight away, I share it!

So yeah, this is still not the most amazingly mapped song, but it's pretty decent and worth playing a few times. There's a few things that prevented me from giving it a higher mark: first the repeated use of top row upwards cut. I hate it, it's awkward to hit, and it's pretty hard to follow in a flowing manner because of the huge movement necessary (raising arm plus swinging wrist up).  The other thing I disliked was that middle wall + mine section. Ok it was original, but I failed to see the use. Maybe that's just me as I've seen comments from people liking it.

Anyway, that's a decent Nightcore song and I'm pretty desperate to find any playable one so this one will do for now!

Mapper: NegatiVe

Removed some of the major complaints which were very difficult to hit. Updated the lighting also.

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