Mapper: Scarladore

Dooo doot doot … SAIL!

Expert+: Techy Fitbeat. X/H: Dancey Fitbeat.

Expert+ is an experience in full sway and lean, along with my typical shenanigans of bombs, squats, and wide swings. Expert is full movement with simpler bloqs, and hard is a standard fitbeat map.
Custom vanilla lights.

Expert+ Preview:

Expert Preview:

Map stats:
E+ | 4 NPS | 14 squats/minute
X | 3.7 NPS | 14 squats/minute
H | 3.5 NPS | 9 squats/minute

Thanks to these playtesters for helping me polish it up!
Irahi (
Kansas (
TheCzar1994 (
DeeDee (

Feel free to send any feedback to me on Discord – Scarladore#9351

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