Camellia – We Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle (And More Genre Switches)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
401 15
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Mapper: Joshabi

Been down and bored so I mapped a song I like.
I didn’t really want to make down maps originally but
since I had the time I went for it. They should be at least
decent enough to enjoy the song hopefully. Tried to undermap some
parts of expert+ to make it less stamina draining and for a few other reasons.

Beasties Speed Style Winner and Community Choice Award 2022

Re-Publishes Patch Notes:
#1 – 10:45PM UTC, 28th January 2022
– Modified a 1/8th before the gradual build up

Expert+ | Like 11 star | 320bpm, standardish stuff
Expert | Like 9 star | Has jumps still at 320 but they are one handed, and last much less,
if you cant do the build up on Ex+ or the stamina is too much expert should be nicer.
Hard | Like 6.5-7.5 star | No 320, No 256, Mostly 160bpm movey lower diff

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