Drilibur Coal mines Remake (Old)

Difficulties Expert
11 1
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Mapper: JayTheNether

This is the last time i am remapping this song. I learned some advice from a streamer called TwinkerGlitch. Thank you so much for helping me become a better mapper. I made this so it doesn’t have any weird directional patterns or resets as it resets don’t suit Expert. Pretty sure it’s mainly for ExpertPlus. I don’t think there will be any ExpertPlus lvls of this anytime soon.
Here’s a showcase of the level if you can’t play it for whatever reason – – –

Shout out to TinkerGlitch! She is the one kind of helper you need!

Also thank you silver for helping with nothing Lmao!

lstoast played my map holy moly! Thank you for playing my map bro!

Who ever disliked this has a skill issue. :/

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