[RANKED] Kobaryo – Easy Mode

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
394 67
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Mapper: Irish1

If you miss, it’s a skill issue

massive thank you to Rockz and Hades for the RT mods and Bitz for the QAT mod πŸ˜€

First funky techier map from me
0 – 1:38 Irish
1:38 – 3:34 Shark
Change Log:
– Added Expert and Hard difficulties made by Shark
– Minor changes to Expert+
– fixed funny timings
– removed 0 duration wall in Shark’s ex diff (how the fuck did you do that)
– ranking queue πŸ™‚
– removed bomb from post swing
– added the swag back
~10 Star Estimate
Thanks to Bitz for pattern suggestions and thank you to Andre and Coolguy for playtesting πŸ˜€

Feedback to Irish#5373 on discord

Seriously though, don’t downvote because you wrist roll the pattern instead of reset πŸ™‚

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