Tsukimonogatari OP 1 – Orange Mint (Full version)

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Mapper: AkumetsuTime

O, R, A, N, G, E, M-I-N-T!

A map to Orange Mint (sometimes written Orangemint), the first opening theme for the anime Tsukimonogatari, which is somewhere from the third to the… sixth? season of Bakemonogatari / the Monogatari Series, depending on how you count them. Shaft would tell you third, but I feel like most people would compromise on fourth, fifth, or sixth. Hmm, that’s still really vague.

Anyways, I made a map for the full version because otherwise, how will we ever learn how to spell Orange Mint? The song is by Mito, and the lyrics are written by meg rock and performed by Saori Hayami. Your left saber will be orange. Your right saber will be mint. You can remember this because if you look at your hands and read them from left to right, you get “Orange Mint.”

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